Almost everyday last week I happened to watch travel showd on the discovery travel and living, while having breakfast. As expected the shows left me with a itch to travel myself and I decided to head out on the weekend. After doing some research on abd I decided to visit bandipur with my sis-in-law, akhila and since Nandini is in Chandigarh she is unable to join us.

We are right now sitting in Jungle logdes bandipur having our lunch, so I decided to write a small post. We started from Bangalore at 0640 in the morning, the weather was very nice and the roads wide and traffic less. The whole drive was amazing with country side around us in all colors green, yellow, brown , blue.

On the way we visited a small and very beautiful hillock Gopalswamypeta, I will do a separate post about that with pictures.

Right now we are off to forest hill resorts in Masinagudi…

Written from my iphone.


I just landed in chennai via a late n ight flight and the question is ringing again in my mind….WHY DO PEOPLE LEAVE THE SEATS AND STAND UP AS SOON AS THE FLIGHTS LAND STOP?

I m talking abt these people who start getting impatient as soon as the flight lands, start opening the seat belts (seat belt sign is on), switch on the mobile phones (you r supposed to wait till the doors open) and these same guys immediately get up; take their respective bags and stand in the aisle for 10 minutes or so, they have the choice to continue sitting and only get up after de-boarding starts, but due some internal insinct more than 50 percent of the people stand and waste their energies.

Whats the cause of this behavior? I can think of few reasons, would love to hear more views:

– Insecurity: they basically dont feel secure sitting down and think that by standing they can get out before others which is sadly not true
– New travellers : some of them are new and hence think doors will open as soon as the plane stops and they can get off.

UPDATE (03 March 08): My X-boss (jai kumar), send me a couple of good thoughts on this:

1. The “real” reason that people stand up immediately after the plane lands is to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Sitting crammed in economy class for lengths of time leads to “deep vein thrombosis” (economy class syndrome) and “bruised inner thighs”.
2. Do you ever see Business or First class folks stand up immediately after the plane lands? Never. Guess why?