August 2008


Looking for a core team member, VP-Engineering to lead the design and implementation of all the products at the company. The ideal candidate has extensive experience designing, building, and deploying public consumer facing web sites. We seek an experienced technologist that loves technology, thrives in a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment, and doesnĀ“t mind rolling up their sleeves to code. The successful candidate will be one of the senior employees/partners and will help shape the company from the ground-up.


Lead the architectural platform design and release products; Design, build, and test applications; Help to build & lead the development team; Be the first to help us get to the market.

Be a visionary, an evangelist, an entrepreneur & an innovative individual to lead the change…


Extensive and demonstrable experience architecting, building, and deploying large multi-tiered consumer-facing web applications; Experience building scalable, flexible, robust, and secure architectures for high traffic applications; Driven by agile methodologies and test-driven development; Willingness to “own the code” and build pieces of the system; Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and technical team management; Solid knowledge of .Net/SQL/HTML/ XML/CSS/Javascript/Ajax/Flash, web application architecture, scalable deployment

Work experience: 8+ years. Should have relevant experience – been there done that or willingness/vigor to work diligently on gaps..

Compensation: Willing to take risk- salary based on experience/skills + equity.

Basically, we are looking for a smart, capable, and most of all a person who has entrepreneurial mindset to run it as business.


To know more about Crederity go here. Write to careers AT crederity DOT com to apply.


See this amazing video and start your journey to be an entrepreneur right now

Thanks to Nandini and varun for pointing it out

Start-up samaritans: Morpheus helps rookie entrepreneurs survive Valley of Death

Amazing display of skill, courage and mastery by Cirque du Soleil KA. Perfect metaphor for entrepreneurship.

What do you think?

Namit from lifemojo told me about this cool website, which finds the IP (most likely ISP’s IP) from which I am accessing the net and shows it on google maps.

New breed of VC firms focusing on bottom rung of start-ups

I finally decided to ditch flickr, since it only allows creation of 3 albums at most in a free account, which sucks big time. I have uploaded my latest set of pictures to facebook, which has a much better policy on albums and is not trying charging me for creating multiple albums.

About 3 weeks back, I went high into the hills with Nandini and couple of other friends, the trip was amazing I wrote a couple of posts on it here and here and have managed to upload the photos today..


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