Right now I am feeling ashamed and angry at the same time.

I just saw on TV how in Mumbai people from angry.jpgRaj Thackeray’s party mercilessly went around beating helpless people in the pretext of them being “North Indians”, they slapped commuters on the train station, broke/burnt taxis … and all this for “votes”. As a citizen of modern India, I am very angry, this is completely unacceptable to me and many other people. I am ashamed that this is even allowed to happen and our police did not do much to prevent it.

May be the public needs to come together, catch these people and beat them on the roads, so that they never try to pull a stunt like this again….Who are these guys to take matters into their hands? Who gave them the right to beat people? No one has ever heard of Raj Thackeray’s party in last two years, since they separated from shiv sena.. and now they have gone to such a shameful level..to gain popularity…

With this incident politics in this country has touched a new low and I think young generation needs to take responsibility and do some thing about it. Go to a rally, dont vote for these parties, embrace people from all over the country (or the globe), lets create a movement and take out these guys….