Almost everyday last week I happened to watch travel showd on the discovery travel and living, while having breakfast. As expected the shows left me with a itch to travel myself and I decided to head out on the weekend. After doing some research on abd I decided to visit bandipur with my sis-in-law, akhila and since Nandini is in Chandigarh she is unable to join us.

We are right now sitting in Jungle logdes bandipur having our lunch, so I decided to write a small post. We started from Bangalore at 0640 in the morning, the weather was very nice and the roads wide and traffic less. The whole drive was amazing with country side around us in all colors green, yellow, brown , blue.

On the way we visited a small and very beautiful hillock Gopalswamypeta, I will do a separate post about that with pictures.

Right now we are off to forest hill resorts in Masinagudi…

Written from my iphone.