Currently Founding Partner at Morpheus Venture Partners (MVP).

Serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of professional experience, out of which 9+ years have been spent with startups. He has a broad and varied set of experiences and expertise. At the age of 27, Sameer co-founded Madhouse Media in 2004, India’s first online/offline movie rentals company and successfully exited with acquisition by Seventymm in 2007. Post acquisition he was Vice President – Corporate Strategy, Seventymm for one year. Before this he has worked startups like Sonim Inc, Telephia, moblf across India, US and Europe. Sameer is also an independent film maker with film festivals movies to his credit. He has a B.E. in Electrical Engineering from Thapar University, India. He loves meeting people, travelling and reading. Sameer is very bullish on Indian startups and believes that 5 years from now startups will contribute to a significant part of the Indian Economy. He blogs at

15 Responses to “About”

  1. Rajiv Poddar Says:

    Hello Sameer,

    Landed at your Blog from your LinkedIn page. I have been conceptualizing about a Video Streaming device which can be used to watch downloaded videos on the TV. Wanted to talk to you about that. If you could reply back it would be great.


  2. Shiva Says:

    Dear Sir,
    How can I contact you? I would be interested in talking to you regarding my startup.


  3. R. Ramchander Says:

    Could you lease give me the address and telephone number of the radio station that broadcasts on 104.8 FM

  4. vikas Says:

    Hi Sam,
    Just wanted to interact with u .
    Vikas Shah

  5. Madhusudan Says:

    Hi Sameer
    This is Madhu and I run Lucid. Noted your comment on PluggdIn. Would be happy to touch base. mail me. Thanks

  6. Wlfvhggu Says:

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  7. Glzjplnf Says:

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