This blog has moved


I have moved my blog to . Its now hosted with Instablogs (our portfolio company) and it sure feels great to be on Instablogs Network.

I have been thinking for a while of setting up a personal site. The idea is to share not only the ‘blogs’,  but also other random stuff like  photos,  essays,  quotes,  songs and more. Me being a lazy guy the move look longer than required. But yeah now its done.

This is a joint personal site for Sameer and Nandini. As a first step we have moved our blogs, put up a simple homepage and will be doing more in coming days.

We are using the domain of our first company madhouse (, which is very close to our heart, our first affair with entrepreneurship.

Would love to hear your feedback on this and would like to thankyou for all the support and love so far. I am counting on you to continue both love and support.