Just came back home after watching “Oye lucky lucky oye (OLLO)” the new movie by Dibakar Banerjee, the guy who made “khosla ka ghosla”. Overall I think its a mutiplex or a metro film. I personally liked it, but its more of an experimental film and less of a mass film.

ylco1OLLO appealed to me at many levels, the whole Punjabi culture of Delhi,  reflections of childhood – which all folks who grew up in Delhi/Chandigarh/Punjab can relate to, the skill with which lucky does his work and the carefree confidence with which he carries himself.

OLLO is not really a regular bollywood film, its different in many or most ways. The story telling style is different, no real songs, not start/middle/end type of structure, no attempt to tie in all threads. Its just a plain story of a “super thief”, where the human interactions were very natural and had a ‘Delhi Punjabi”flavor. Somewhere it reminded me of “Catch me if you can”

Acting-wise Abhay looks stylish and smooth, the three different characters played by Paresh Rawal are well done, the leading lady is kinda cute and everyone else has done a nice job. Background score is very good, it also has a few songs which play in parts thru the film.

Recommendation: Go ahead and watch it with an open mind. Dont expect it to be a super comedy like “khosla ka ghosla”.