(written on my iPhone yesterday morning)

I am at Shekhar Hospital @ basavangudi, one of the prestigious hospitals, in Bangalore, waiting for my turn to see the doctor.

Couple of minutes ago I took out a small piece of paper from my pocket, took out the chewing gum from my mouth, wrapped it in the paper and looked around for a dustbin. There was none. I got up and went around looking, none in sight.

I went upto one of the secrurity guards standing in the corridor and asked ‘Where is the dustbin ?’

His answer: ‘Just throw it here by the wall, the cleaning staff will pick it up after some time’.

I dont know if I am over reacting here but his answer came as a shock to me. Its a hostiptal and is expected to be absolutely clean and they dont even have a dustbin and people who look for one are encouraged to litter ….how creepy is that ?

I just put my chewing gum in my pocket and started writing this post ..