I just got to know about Delhi blasts thru a mail that came from Instablogs.  You can see the live coverage here.  Recently the terror activities seem to have increased as well as spread through the whole of  India, specially the major cities, cities which are seeing progress.  

These attacks are clear signs of anger orginiating from people who are political masterminds and have heavility vested interested in promoting acts like these.  All these are selfish interests like money, power and politics and these is no concern about the citiezens of their own community. End of the day these tasks executed by normal and many times innocent citizens who have been brain washed and controled by these master minds. 

All of us need to shoulder the responsibility of this trend, since most of the times we as citizens of India do not treat citizens from other sects, religions and parts of India; at par with themselves as equals. Following this type of approach mindlessly obviously end up hurting the sentiments of people and these same people are then exploited by the masterminds of these blasts and riots. On the other hand if we treat each other with love, care and respect, we may succeed in turning the tide around and stop the brainwashing.  This applies to all of as we look around we can find such masterminds in each religion, sect and parts of our country and the world at large…

What do you think???