Just 10 minutes back the famous chrome gave me the same “problems” which it claims to be solving. Here is what happened:

  • I was on chrome (on XP) and had a few open Tabs  gmail, google apps and my wordpress blog and google docs
  • I was jumping between Tabs and there you go!
  • The dreaded browser hang happened, the problem in one TAB causing all TABs to hang.
  • I waited for a few minutes to try and see if it recovers, I also tried taking a screen shot to publish it on this post, but hang was so bad, it did not let me do that as well.
  • As a next step I opened “task manager”, here I see 4-5 “chrome.exes”, all of them on top when I sorted by memory usage
  • Since the whole thing was hanging, I proceeded to kill each one of them one by one.
  • But the last one was not going at all, it just kept hanging in there “end process” / “end process tree” , nothing was working at all
  • Since I wanted to finish some work, I opened FIREFOX todo the same and it also hanged. Basically the chrome hang caused the whole OS to hang
  • So I went and did a RE-START on Windows
  • No use here also
  • I had to do a  HARD REBOOT of my laptop to recover
Disclaimer: I do realize that its a initial beta release and problems are expected to happen. This post was just to report my experience and see what others are seeing.