Open air Classical music recital @ Cubbon park

Today is the second day of my running (starting again after some gap). Early morning breeze, fresh air, green trees, (almost) no traffic noise. All this accompanied by open air Indian classical music recital. I’m at Bangalore’s 100 year old Cubban Park and it feels absolutely amazing.

I have come here with Dharmendra, a very good friend and an avid runner (as I write this he is completing fourth loop of the 4km run around Cubban Park). All credit to him for bringing me out to run, on my own I am not sure I would have restarted running.

We were slated to start on Friday morning. I was up till very late night on Thursday and was not able to get up Friday morning. But Friday evening I made sure that I got to bed on time.

Saturday morning 0600 and I was out on the road waiting to be picked up by Dharmendra. We drove to Lalbagh (over 200 years Old Park spread over 250+ acres) and yes it was my first time at Lalbagh. He asked me if I would like to run 1 km route around the lake or try the 3km run around the park where I can see the whole thing. I said I have not been running for some time, but I will take a shot at 3km route. Off we went!

First km was quite comfortable, during the second the going was little tough; my body started complaining and the last one km was pure pain but I was determined not to give up. Dharamendra helped me a great deal; he kept talking to me about the history of the park, the birds in the lake, etc. So I was not very focused on the pain.

As soon as we completed the 3rd km I headed to bench (Dharamendra went on to run 2 more rounds) did some relaxing exercise and just lay down on the bench. My feet were hurting, legs were stiff, heart beat very fast and I could feel an amazing amount of heat coming out of my face. I was in heaven. I was told that running your heart out gives you the same kind of high as LSD or grass. I was certainly floating on that high, looking at green treetop branches, cloudy sky and just enjoying the moment…