I am Sameer Guglani. I have interests in movies, books, music, travel, blogs, technology, starting businesses, users, customers and a whole load of areas. I started madhouse about two years ago in Aug, 2004, along with Nandini (my wife) and soon our Co-founder Ankur joined us on board. Madhouse is a media and entertainment company.

I am an alumnus of Thapar Institute, India, completed my B.E. in Electrical Engineering in 98. Before starting madhouse I worked for 6-7 years in wireless telecom industry. I spent about 5 years working for a couple of wonderful startups; sonim and telephia . My theory is that once you have fun working for a startup, there are two things you can do

* Work for another startup
* Do a startup of your own

Madhouse was started 25 months ago and these months of my life have been very enriching, full of learning, loads of fun, so many new friends, I have had a ball. It feels like I have used each and everything I had learned so far in my life, during these formative years of madhouse. At the same time it also feels that I have learnt more in these two years, as compared to what I learnt in 27 years of my life before starting madhouse.

Along the way we have received immense encouragement & support from whole lot of people, those whom I knew and those whom i did not. I thank all of them. I plan to share my thoughts, experiences, learnings and musings via this blog and would like to connect with people around the globe, who would wander onto this blog.