hi friends

My first step into blogosphere was to start reading venturwoods , a nice blog which talks about the startup ecosystem in India, which is in a nascent stage. I started reading blogs early this year and every time was reading, it was very difficult to stop. I had to always pull myself away, reminding myself that there are other things I need to spend time on. As time went by, things become further complicated, since everytime i read blogs, i found some more blogs, which I liked to read.

My second step was to start using a RSS reader. Looked around and started with Google Reader. Atleast, I dont need to open and read each blog, the posts came to me like mails. Slowly I learnt to organize post and very recently google has upgraded its reader to support some new features like folders and stuff.

Today I take the third step, that is to start writing my blog. This is something I have been thinking of doing for some time now. I will try to do minimum one post a week (though it feels aggressive to me)