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I have moved my blog to . Its now hosted with Instablogs (our portfolio company) and it sure feels great to be on Instablogs Network.

I have been thinking for a while of setting up a personal site. The idea is to share not only the ‘blogs’,  but also other random stuff like  photos,  essays,  quotes,  songs and more. Me being a lazy guy the move look longer than required. But yeah now its done.

This is a joint personal site for Sameer and Nandini. As a first step we have moved our blogs, put up a simple homepage and will be doing more in coming days.

We are using the domain of our first company madhouse (, which is very close to our heart, our first affair with entrepreneurship.

Would love to hear your feedback on this and would like to thankyou for all the support and love so far. I am counting on you to continue both love and support.

Announcing the FIRST ever Start-up Evening:

Guest(s):  Alok Kejriwal, founder & CEO of Games2win (more here) , Deap Ubhi, Founder and CEO of Burrp (more here)

Date:    20 January, 2009 (Tuesday)

Time:   7pm – 9pm

Venue: South Mumbai

Audience: Start-up founders (MVP and non-MVP start-up founders)

Interested in participating?  Want to help in organizing a start-up evening? Have more questions?  Write to nandini AT morpheusventure DOT com

The MVP gang is launching “Start-up Evenings” with the support of a few firms who are involved with start-ups and a lot of friends in the community.

The First edition of Start-up Evenings will take place on 20 Jan-09, Tuesday in Mumbai.


The idea behind “Start-up Evenings” is to facilitate “close interaction” between founders of young companies and experienced folks, allowing the founders to learn from the champions (the tricks and hiccups of the trade), and to network.

The event will be monthly, with one edition each in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

We did some sessions as part of our founders meet and saw that it was extremely useful for the founders and hence by popular demand decided to conduct regular “Start-up Evenings“.


  • Event will be attended by 10-15 founders of start-ups from the MVP portfolio, partners portfolios and other founders
  • There will be one guest of the evening who will share his / her experiences and interact with the start-ups in an informal manner
  • The guest will typically be an experienced entrepreneur / investor / a person from the start-up ecosystem
  • There is no fee for attending but participation will be only by invitation
  • No more than 15 participants will be allowed to keep the focus of the event
  • Typical timings: 0700 pm – 0900 pm

This is a non-profit initiative and we would love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate on it. There is no requirement of any sponsorship for these events, since we are going to keep them quite bootstrapped. Some of things which can be help would be:

  • A conference room / venue at your office for these events once a month (Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore)
  • Arranging / suggesting speakers
  • Spreading the word amongst start-up founders
  • Anything else

Feel free to share your thoughts / feedback on the initiative. If you are interested in helping / contributing in any way, write to nandini AT morpheusventure DOT com

If you are a genuine online citizen, a online job seeker, or an individual looking for a partner online. You may have been looking for a way to showcase / highlight the trustworthiness of your profile and claim advantage over the fake / fraud online profiles. Your wish has come true.

After successful introduction in US, an MVP portfolio company, Crederity is launching its consumer services in India.


  • You can create a FREE account here.
  • Add your credentials (address, education, experience and more) and have Crederity verify them for you.
  • You will get a “Crederity Card” which you can proudly display on your site, blog,  online or offline resume, social networks, online matrimonial profile or anywhere else you want.
  • It instantly highlights the “trustworthiness” of your profile and markets your profile to help you stand out and improve your prospects.

The team has worked hard to create a seamless service experience for both businesses and individuals. Any feedback from you will help to improve further. Go ahead, give it a spin and share your views.

Rizwan shared a wonder full post on  How to date an Entrepreneur. I just loved it and had to share it even before I finish reading it.

sinbaad the sailor jahaaj me jab chala, mere yaar sun lo sun lo
dhundh raha tha ek nayi duniya ka pata, mere yaar sun lo sun lo
woh anjaani raahon me tha o o
woh leharo ki baahon me tha o o
sab ne kaha tha in samundaro me jaana nahi, mere yaar sun lo sun lo
khwaabo ke pichhe jaake kuchh bhi hai paana nahi, mere yaar sun lo suno
woh apni hi dhun me raha o o
woh sunata tha dil ka kaha o o
(usake the jo sapne, wohi usake the apne
aisa tha sinbaad the sailor, sailor......) - (2)

usaka jahaj khila tufano me, mere yaar sun lo sun lo
phir bhi na aayi kami usake armaano me, mere yaar sun lo sun lo
woh deewana aisa hi tha o o
woh sapano ka hamrahi tha o o
(usake the jo sapne, wohi usake the apne
aisa tha sinbaad the sailor, sailor......) - (2)

woh kuchh paane ki chaah me o o
woh badhata raha raah me o o
gehara samundar tha unchi unchi lehren, mere yaar sun lo sun lo
kashtiya jin dekhi mushkil se thehare, mere yaar sun lo sun lo
woh saahil tak aa hi gaya o o
woh manjil ko paa hi gaya o o
(usake the jo sapne, wohi usake the apne
aisa tha sinbaad the sailor, sailor......) - (2)

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